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Machining center spindle manufacturers teach you electric spindle maintenance

No matter what the equipment is, we often need to maintain and maintain it. The electric spindle is an indispensable part of a CNC machine tool. The electric spindle is a high-speed, high-rigidity, dense motor supported by fine rotating bearings. Lubrication, external circulating water cooling, and engraving (milling) spindles are usually used vertically. The accuracy of the methods used will directly affect the quality of engraving and milling and the service life of the spindle. So how should we maintain and maintain the electric spindle?

1. Stop the impact. Violent impact, especially the end of the main shaft and the front cover must not be impacted, otherwise the precision bearings and the accuracy of the main shaft will be damaged, resulting in the loss of the accuracy of the main shaft reversal and extension.

2, accurate positioning and clamping. Before installation, make sure that the spindle motor is in a normal state. It is important that there is no damage to the surface, and the spindle rotates evenly.

3, the placement of collet pressure cap and cutter. The positioning of the tool must guarantee the accuracy of the reverse rotation, otherwise it will cause severe vibration, which will affect the quality of the engraving (milling), compliance and bearing life.

4. Start. For newly enabled spindle motors, low-speed operation should be performed in advance, and 0.5-5.0 hours of half-speed operation should be initiated before entering high speed. As usual, the spindle motor is started by frequency and pressure regulation, and efforts should be made to prevent sudden full voltage start. The startup time is about 10 seconds.

5. Run. During normal operation, one listen, two touches, three checks, and even if the brakes are stopped suddenly, the car must be shut down in real time. Listen to the main shaft motor for dry friction and strange noises, and turn off the car for real-time inspection; touch the front cover or sleeve to check whether the heating and vibration environment is stable; Stable, such as change should be closed in real time to check.