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Lathe spindle supplier teaches you how to solve noise

In fact, the lathe spindle is used in CNC machine tools. It can not avoid noise. Sometimes the noise is very severe. In this case, it needs to be dealt with in a timely manner. However, because there are many reasons for noise, it needs to be analyzed in advance. So what is the solution to all kinds of noise?

In many CNC machine tools, since the transmission system of the main shaft still uses several transmission shafts, gears and bearings, vibration noise, friction noise and impact noise are inevitably generated in the work. The speed change of the main drive system of CNC machine tools is completed by computer control without stopping the machine, so it is more continuous and more representative than the noise produced by ordinary machine tools.

The mechanical system is subject to any external excitation force, and the system will vibrate due to the response to this excitation force. This vibration energy propagates throughout the system. When it propagates to the radiating surface, this energy is converted into a pressure wave, which is then transmitted through the air, that is, acoustic radiation. Therefore, the three steps of excitation response, internal transmission and acoustic radiation are the formation process of vibration noise, friction noise and shock noise.

(1) The main drive system of CNC machine tools mainly relies on gears to complete the speed change and transmission. Therefore, the meshing transmission of gears is one of the main noise sources.

(2) The assembly of bearings, journals and bearing holes, pre-tensioning force, concentricity, lubrication conditions, the size of the load acting on the bearings, radial clearance, etc. have a great impact on noise. And the manufacturing deviation of the bearing itself largely determines the noise of the bearing.

Therefore, the quality of the spindle bearing of the lathe itself is very high. It directly affects the life and performance of the machine tool or the spindle. Therefore, it is impossible for any large machine to ignore the quality of its parts. The quality of the core parts may affect the performance of the entire machine.