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CNC machine tool spindle manufacturers introduce electric spindle operation specifications

1. Operate in accordance with the specifications of the drawing mill without exceeding the rated power. It is strictly forbidden to cause collision or suffocation. Do not use outside cars to force the brakes. When the electric spindle is at work, the operator must not leave the post without authorization.

2. The housing of the electric spindle is cooled by circulating constant temperature water. Pay close attention to cut off water or reduce the flow of cooling water. The cooling water must be filtered to prevent clogging. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the cooling water from penetrating into the wheel shaft or the stator winding, otherwise the bearing or stator life will be greatly reduced.

3. Strictly waterproof, dust and other debris enter the bearing. Because the electric spindle bearing is a high-precision spindle bearing, the value is relatively large, and the use conditions are harsh. The entry of water will cause the bearing to rust; the entry of abrasive dust and debris will cause the bearing oil film to be damaged, the wear will accelerate, the heating will be severe, and the vibration will form a vicious cycle, which will lead to the end of the bearing life.

4. In the whole work of electro-spindle, one listen, two touch and three investigations should be done well.

One listen: It refers to whether there is dry friction or strange noise of the sound of the electric spindle running; whether the sound of the rotation of the electric spindle changes.

Second touch: It refers to whether the heating condition of the front cover of the electric spindle or the front end of the sleeve is stable, and whether the heating is intensified.

Three check: refers to check whether the dimensional tolerance and surface roughness of the machined part are stable.

5. If the electric spindle is abnormal, it should be repaired by a full-time maintenance person or the factory to ensure the accuracy of assembly and maintenance.

The above aspects are very important factors in the operation of the electro-spindle. We only have a good grasp of all the knowledge to achieve good results during the operation. The processed products will also be high-quality products. This is It is very important for us. The above is the knowledge we share this time. I hope everyone can pay attention.