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Do you know the characteristics of engineering drag chains

Engineering drag chains are divided into bridge type drag chains and fully enclosed types of engineering drag chains. When the engineering drag chains are operated in a harsh environment, they must choose a fully enclosed type. According to the material,Heavy Duty Drag Link they are divided into plastic and Steel form. The internal height of the engineering drag chain is between ten millimeters and eighty millimeters, and the width is also between ten and three hundred and fifty. It can be better protected according to different needs, and simple for cable size and number of cables Dividing and determining, the high strength used in drag chains is mainly directly related to the content of nylon contained in the raw materials. Therefore, in engineering plastics, drag chains are simply divided into common types of drag chains and engineering types of drag chains. .

The engineering drag chain is light in texture, beautiful in appearance, and can be adjusted freely in length, so it is widely used in various composite sports occasions, and it can also reasonably protect and tow the built-in cables, air pipes and oil pipes. When each chain is opened, it can be easily maintained and installed. When it is moving, the noise is reduced to a minimum, high-strength movement, and better wear resistance. It is suitable for use in machining centers, CNC machine tools, various production lines and automated machinery and equipment. Engineering drag chains play a good guide ability and protection safety ability in the industry. It can better protect cables, wires, and air pipes during wireless extension, reduce energy consumption, and greatly reduce and improve machine tool configuration and mechanical The operating capacity of the equipment will also be strongly improved.

Engineering drag chain has the tensile ability and super pressure, good toughness and resistance to abrasion and flame retardancy, no matter it is at high or low temperature, it can ensure the stable development of good performance, can directly act outdoors, and run the highest The speed is five meters per second. The specific operating speed and processing speed can be determined according to the actual situation. Under normal operating capacity, set up specific operating conditions.