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How to choose a lawn mower blade

How to choose a lawn mower blade

Theoretically speaking, the gear-shaped Mower Deck Spindle blades are safer, while the elongated ones are sharper and cover a larger area. The durability of the lawnmower blades is related to the material of the lawnmower blades. It has little to do with shape.

In fact, the choice of lawn mower blades is really important. Corresponding lawn mower blades are available for various occasions. Rotary knife mowers with different types of rotary knife mower blades can be obtained under different lawn conditions. For the best pattern effect, the high-wing, mid-wing, and low-wing rotary knives must be selected according to the characteristics of the court and appropriate to obtain different cutting qualities. If you need to shred grass, you can choose a powerful multi-tooth atom mower blade, which can crush grass and leaves into very fine pieces. Will not affect the appearance.
Mower deck spindle made in China
How to install lawn mower blades

1. There is a larger nut on the blade of the lawn mower to fix the blade. When installing, install the blade on the disc of the lawn mower, and tighten the nut. The tightening torque of the nut is 30-40N·m.

2. After completion, place the lawn mower on a stable surface and slowly pull the rope several times to ensure that there is no oil in the cylinder before starting.

3. Remove dirt and weeds from the blade, blade seat and inside of the mower, and install the blade seat, blade and blade bolts.

4. Hold the blade firmly and make sure that the blade touches the pushing surface of the blade. Tighten the blade bolts. The tightening torque of the bolts is 50-60N·m.