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How to choose high-quality drag chain products

In the process of selecting machine tool drag chains, we should pay attention to the following issues so that we can choose high-quality drag chain products.    
First, it feels that the drag chain has to face the shining of the sun. If the reflected light can be seen uniformly without astigmatism, then the material of the drag chain is uniform and the texture is excellent.    
Second, touch, touch the drag chain in every corner with your hand, the appearance is like lubricating and not tightly gripped, which can be distinguished from the small error range of the production mold.    
3. Knead, use wood to dampen the appearance of the drag chain with the beater tool. If the pit appears quickly and the falling debris is a material shape, then the material used in this drag chain is made of lower corner material or charge If the drop is very laborious, showing pits, and the falling fragments are short filaments, it can be distinguished that the material used in this drag chain has added high-strength glass fiber and other data to make it wear-resistant.
How to choose high-quality drag chain products

General requirements for plastic drag chains:     
(1) The laying of plastic drag chains should not be twisted, that is, the cable reel or cable reel at one end of the cable should not be twisted. Instead, the reel or cable reel should be turned to open the cable. If necessary, the cable can be opened or disconnected. Heavy Duty Drag Link It can only be obtained directly from the cable coil.    
(2) Pay attention to the small tortuous radius of the cable nozzle.    
(3) The cables must be laid loose on the side of the drag chain, separated as much as possible, separated by a diaphragm or into the top space separated by the empty roof, and the drag chain between the cable spaces should be at least 10% of the cable diameter.   
(4) The cables in the drag chain must not touch or be trapped together.    
(5) All two points of the cable need to be fixed, or at least fixed to the mobile end of the drag chain. Generally, the moving point of the cable should be 20-30 times the diameter of the cable at the end of the drag chain.    
(6) Please make sure that the cable completes its movement within the tortuous radius, that is, do not move it forcibly. This allows the cables to move relative to each other or relative to the guiding device. After a period of operation, it is necessary to check the direction of the cable. After the push and pull action, the view is necessary.    
(7) If the drag chain breaks, the cable also needs to be replaced, and the damage caused by excessive stretching cannot be prevented