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How to choose the right energy chain in high or low temperature environments?

It is recommended to use engineering plastic drag chains in high or low temperature environments. Engineering plastic drag chains are mainly made of reinforced nylon. The melting point of nylon is relatively high (the melting point of nylon PA6 is 220°C, and the melting point of nylon PA66 is 260°C). It has abrasion resistance and dust resistance, cleaning and antifouling properties, and has a good back. Elasticity, fatigue resistance and thermal stability,Steering Drag Link  low temperature resistance and easy water absorption. Therefore, nylon drag chains have good wear resistance, oil resistance, dust resistance, fatigue resistance, aging high temperature stability, etc., glass fiber and flame retardants are added to the material to make the material characteristics better. Improve.   

When using corrosive liquids, it is recommended to use stainless steel drag chains. Stainless steel drag chains are made of 304 stainless steel, which will not corrode. Pitting corrosion or wear. Stainless steel is one of the strongest building metal materials, with good corrosion resistance, so it can permanently maintain the structural integrity of structural components. Chromium-containing stainless steel also combines mechanical strength and high ductility, making machine parts easy to process to meet the needs of architects and structural designers. 
It is recommended to use nylon drag chains outdoors. Nylon drag chains have high-quality UV resistance, weather resistance and good environmental resistance. In outdoor use, this is not a big problem, but its impact on service life is largely affected by the water absorption of its own material under temperature changes. Nylon drag chains are mainly affected by changes in the environment, wind and sunlight, and weather stability. Other factors are still operating conditions. Therefore, to analyze the impact of its use, we must first consider how much discussion about the impact of these factors.

The steel wire bundle chain with high load-bearing performance can be used for larger or heavier cables and pipes.  The steel wire rope chain plate is made of high-quality steel plate chrome-plated, especially made of high-strength wear-resistant materials. The alloy copper is the shaft pin, which improves the wear resistance of the product, makes the bending more flexible, the resistance is lower, and the noise is lower, thus ensuring long-term use. No deformation or sagging when used.  
The fully enclosed drag chain can be used for dusty use. The fully enclosed machine tool chain cannot see the inside of the assembled cable from the outside. It is suitable for more demanding conditions, such as a large amount of iron filings, high temperature, etc., in order to protect the inside of the cable, a fully enclosed type is used , The effect of comprehensive protection has been achieved.