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How to disassemble and install the machine tool spindle

When the spindle of the machine tool is damaged and needs to be replaced, the original spindle should be removed first, and then the new spindle should be assembled, after the dynamic balance is completed, and then reinstalled on the machine tool before the machine can be used. It should be noted here that the parts of the new main shaft can use the good parts of the original main shaft, such as intact bearings, but after assembly, a dynamic balance test should be done before it can be used. If the dynamic balance is not good, then the noise It is quite large, and parts such as bearings are easily damaged.

The first is to disassemble the damaged spindle. First remove the top cylinder, and then unscrew the spring compression block. Note that there is a top wire for fastening in the stack spring compression block. Loosen the top wire first, then loosen the thread, and then remove the nine pairs of stacked springs and retaining ring If you want to remove the core of the spindle, you must first remove the pulley and the pulley is pressed with the back nut. First unscrew the compression screw on the back nut, and then remove the back nut, so that the pulley can be used Unloaded. Finally, take off the spindle core-including the cylinder and the inner and outer parts. At least two people are required for this. One person removes the bearing end cap screws, one person pays attention to protection, and holds the bottom of the spindle cylinder with your hands. When the bearing end cover is removed, the spindle core can fall down. At this time, two people are holding the spindle core underneath at the same time. If the core cannot be removed, you can use a steel rod to gently knock it down. Take off the spindle core.

Then there is the installation of the spindle. Before installing the spindle, the following points must be done:

① Screw the pull rod and push rod to each other-they are connected by thread.

② Clean the inner wall of the shell and the main shaft jacket with gasoline to prevent impurities from entering during installation and affect the quality of the fit. At this time, the size of the main shaft jacket is φ110mm±0.0065mm, which is a transitional fit with the inner wall of the shell.

③ The nine pairs of folded springs are covered with oily dust due to the long-term use of the machine tool. They should be cleaned with gasoline or kerosene, and then added with butter-lithium-based grease or calcium-based grease, which can extend the service life of the folded springs.