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How to operate the lawn mower correctly

How to operate the lawn mower correctly
1. Wear long-sleeved tops and trousers. Loose clothes, hard hats, and goggles are forbidden. It is best to wear earmuffs to avoid noise. Wear shoes that are not slippery. It is forbidden to wear slippers or use the machine with bare feet.
2. Do not operate for a long time in hot or severe cold weather, and have a proper rest time.
3. People who are drunk, cold or sick, children and people who are not familiar with the correct operation of the lawn mower are not allowed to operate the lawn mower.
4. Refuel after the engine has stopped running and cooled down.
5. Avoid overfilling and overflowing when refueling. If it overflows, wipe it clean.
6. The machine can be started at least 1 meter away from the object.
7. The lawn mower must be used outdoors in a well-ventilated area.
8. Before each use, you must check whether the blade is sharp or worn, and whether the clutch screw is locked.
9. Due to the loudness of some machine motors, avoid using them during rest time to avoid affecting the rest of nearby personnel.
Things to check before starting the lawn mower
1. Check whether the fuel tank has holes and leaks.
2. It must be replaced with a sharp blade instead of an abnormal blade.
3. Make sure that others are not in the dangerous area before starting the engine.
4. When starting the engine, you need to hold on to the operating lever to avoid losing control due to vibration.
5. Before starting, make sure that the blade is far away from the ground and not in contact with other objects.
6. Be sure to use the spare parts provided by the original manufacturer, especially the blades.
7. Check whether the full cover is locked tightly.