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How to replace a lawn mower blade

The Lawn Mower Spindles is a forestry machinery tool specially used to trim vegetation and lawns. The blade is a very important accessory. If the blade wears and becomes blunt, it will affect the trimming of the lawn. Once the blade is found to be worn and shortened, it needs to be replaced with a new blade. How to replace it? Many beginners may not know how to replace it. Let’s introduce it in detail below.

Mower Heavy Duty Deck Spindle Assembly For 38" & 42" Decks

The spindle assemblies are responsible for turning the mower blades. They are powered by the drive belt and pulleys and are subject to general damage and wear. Bent, damaged, and unbalanced blades can further damage the spindle assemblies. If they are too damaged, they should be removed and replaced.

1. When changing the blade, you need to prepare a positioning rod, align the small metal cover on the cutter head with the positioning hole inside, and then insert the positioning rod.
2. Observe carefully, we will find that there will be a nut under the blade. The main function of this nut is to fix the blade. After fixing the blade in a suitable position, use a wrench that matches the nut to loosen it. screw.
3. After unscrewing the screw that fixes the cutter head, we can also remove the metal cover under the screw.
4. After removing the metal cover, you will find a metal gasket underneath, take out the metal gasket. After completing these steps, we were able to remove the old blade.
5. Next, put the prepared new blade on the main shaft that is consistent with the model of the old blade, and then install the parts that fasten the cutter head that have just been removed one by one in the reverse order, and tighten the screws. Make sure the blades don't fall out and loosen so the mower's blades wear out even later.