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How to test whether the plastic drag chain is qualified

Energy chains are widely used and can be seen in various fields, but what kind of standards are met to qualify as plastic energy chains? The popular explanation is to first protect the equipment in the drag chain from physical and chemical substances, such as friction on internal devices, chemical corrosion of oil, salt and other substances. At the same time, the drag chain itself must withstand the test of harsh physical and chemical conditions, not be damaged, be able to withstand temperature changes, long-term high-intensity reciprocating motion, etc. The experts of Dongguan drag chain will give you a systematic lecture. What technical standards can be regarded as a high-tech plastic drag chain. How to test whether the plastic drag chain is qualified?

First of all, feel that the plastic drag chain is exposed to sunlight. If you can see the reflected light is uniform and no scattered light, then the drag chain material is uniform and of good quality.    
Second, touch and touch the edges and corners of the engineering drag chain production. If you feel smooth and do not stick to your hands, you can judge that the error range of the mold used in production is small. Third, rub the surface of the plastic drag chain with the force of a wooden block. If a pit appears quickly and the debris falls on the shape of a material, then the raw material used in the drag chain is made of lower angle material or return. If it is hard to lose, there will be a pit. "Furthermore, the chips are short, so it can be judged that the raw materials used in the drag chain include high-strength glass fiber and other materials, thereby improving its wear resistance.     
Fourth, the performance test, assembling the drag chain up to 3 meters, and then landing freely. If the drag chain breaks, the material itself contains less nylon. Exceeding rigidity, lack of willfulness; high-quality towline will not break when dropped for 3 meters. More than 55 plastic drag chains can bear 50 kg/70 kg (a person's weight) within one meter without staying or breaking.