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How to use lawn mower correctly

Lawn mowers are closely related to our lives. The appearance of lawn mowers has greatly improved the efficiency of weeding.

High efficiency: Generally, each lawn mower can mow more than 8×667m2 per day, and its efficiency is 16 times that of manual weeding (0.5×667m2 per day).

Good benefits: Due to the fast rotation of the Mower Deck Spindle, the cutting effect on the orchard weeds is good, especially for the weeds with high tenderness. Generally, weeding 3 times a year can basically meet the weeding requirements.

Conservation of water and soil: artificial hoe for weeding, because the topsoil is loosened while weeding, it will often cause a certain amount of water and soil loss. Manual weeding on the sill will cause more serious water and soil loss. The use of lawn mowers to weed, because it only cuts off the above-ground part of the weeds, it has almost no effect on the soil surface, and the soil-fixing effect of grass roots is extremely beneficial to soil and water conservation.

Increase fertility: Use a lawnmower to weed, and wait until the weeds have grown to a certain height. The large amount of weeds cut can cover the orchard, and can be used as organic fertilizer for the orchard to increase soil fertility. Scope of application: Suitable for various weeds such as reeds, alfalfa, fish grass and other large and small plots of plains, hills, terraces, orchards, and triangles, with simple operation and high work efficiency.

The technical points of the use of lawn mowers: Use lawn mowers to weed, and the effect is better when the weeds grow to 10-13 cm. If the weeds grow too high, it should be done in two steps, first cutting the upper part and then the lower part. When using a lawn mower, hold the handle with both hands and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree so that the cut weeds fall to the side of the fruit tree as much as possible. Open the throttle at medium speed and move forward at a constant speed, which can save fuel consumption and improve work efficiency.