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How does the high-power vacuum cleaner motor filter

The first is the bag filter. The main working principle of this high-power vacuum cleaner is to use the high-speed airflow generated by the high-speed operation of the motor to classify the dust and air, and then process the gas through the active filter material to further discharge the harmful substances and bacteria in the air, and finally achieve the purpose of purifying the air. The advantage of this type of high-power vacuum cleaner is that the treatment effect is good, but the disadvantage is that it will clean the used filter bag, which may cause secondary pollution. In addition, the vacuum value of the dust bag in the vacuum cleaner decreases over time, and finally the ash removal effect becomes weaker. There is no treatment substance in the dust bag, which will cause the absorbed microorganisms to continue to grow in the dust bag. This is the first classification of high-power vacuum cleaner filtering methods.

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The second classification of high-power vacuum cleaners is an industrial vacuum cleaner motor that uses water as a filter medium. The air sucked into the equipment will be added to the water with the ash removal material, and the dust and microorganisms in the air will be dissolved in the water. The remaining gas is then passed through further filtration and discharged from the equipment. Exhaust gas has been greatly improved. However, this type of high-power vacuum cleaner has to deal with the problem of power supply, because the medium is water with excellent electrical conductivity. In addition, the water inhaled by dust and microorganisms should be removed in time, otherwise it will cause the water to stink and cause the equipment to be scrapped. The third type of high-power vacuum cleaner filtration classification is airflow filtration, which uses the centripetal force generated by the airflow to classify substances with different densities to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. This type of filter equipment can be cleaned efficiently, but the price of the equipment is higher.

Because of the continuous development of my country's economy, in addition to the traditional industrial industry's requirements for high-power vacuum cleaners, households usually choose vacuum cleaners to purify the indoor environment when decorating their homes. Through the introduction to the filtering and classification methods of high-power vacuum cleaners, I think customers should be aware of when purchasing, and can choose products that suit them according to their actual conditions. According to the actual needs of customers, DC vacuum cleaner motors provide customers with high-quality services and customize corresponding Stainless Steel Pulley Wheel high-power vacuum cleaners for customers.