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How the lawn mower works

This small lawn mower is relatively simple to operate. First of all, the selection of the working path is more flexible. Because the turning radius of the machine is small, it is not flexible. Because the turning radius of the machine is small, there is no dead angle for walking. The forward speed can be selected according to the terrain and the density of the grass. When the ground is uneven and the forage density is high, select a low-speed gear, otherwise, select a higher-speed gear. During the operation, the two clutch tensioner handles are always in the combined position, because during the operation, the engine is running at a high speed, and the tensioner handle is engaged or disengaged at this time, which is easy to damage the machine.

Therefore, the operator does not need to move the two handles during the mowing process, and the operation process is relatively simple. The driver only needs to hold the handle and control the walking route of the lawn mower. During the operation, the terrain in front of the operation should be carefully observed at any time. In case of large pits or high hills, the speed should be slowed down and detoured, otherwise the high-speed cutting knife will kick up a lot of dust, which is not good for the operator and the machine.

This machine Lawn Mower Spindles is only suitable for working on slopes with a slope of less than 25 degrees. When the slope is too large, the lubricating oil cannot lubricate all moving parts, and long-term operation will damage the engine. When the machine is working, keep irrelevant people away from the lawn mower to avoid the small stones rolled up by the cutter from hurting others. After the work is completed, disconnect the two clutch handles, then reduce the accelerator, switch to neutral, stop walking, close the accelerator, turn off the engine, move the cutter pinch roller to the walking position, start the engine again, and operate the driver again. down, the lawn mower can walk home.