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How to operate a lawn mower safely

Operating a lawn mower was once a small responsibility. With the boom of the middle class, homeowners across America were cutting their small yards with powerless reel mowers, but in the 70 years since, yards have gotten bigger, time has become more valuable and manufacturers, like AriensCo, have been innovating. With those changing trends, the market shifted to one where families are trading in smaller push mowers for the comfort and efficiency of a zero turn lawn mower. With that transformation, it's important for homeowners to be aware of the best safety practices of operating a zero turn lawn mower.Operating garden tractors and zero turn lawn mowers is like driving a car.

Though all Ariens equipment incorporates both required and voluntary safety features as directed by the American National Standards Institute and the International Standards Organization, it is important to be aware how to use the machine safely before stepping into the driver's seat.There's a lot of work that's done behind the scenes to keep our customers and their families safe. Safety is our priority, and that's why it's important for us to do our best to keep conversations of using outdoor power equipment safely at the forefront of the industry and at top of mind for everyone who uses our equipment. We want to help keep you and your family in the same condition from the time you step into the operator's seat to the time you leave it, and that's why we compiled the following safety highlights below.Shiny, new Ariens zero turn lawn mowers are exciting and appealing.

The first thing our customers want to do is hop on and get cutting, but we'd prefer our customers slow down, take their time and become accustomed to operating that sophisticated piece of machinery.Among the instructions and important information included in your operator's manual is safety information. All new Ariens equipment comes with a paper copy of the operator's manual, but if your dealer or the store you purchased from didn't supply you with one, call them and arrange a time to get your manual before starting your engine.Slow and steady wins the race. First, understand the functions of all controls, how to operate them, how to stop in an emergency and the machine's braking and steering characteristics. When ready, take your place in the operator's position, start the unit and operate it at low engine throttle to learn how the unit works.Only allow well-trained, competent adults over the age of 18 operate lawn mowing equipment and adhere to any state and local laws relating to operating outdoor power equipment.

Lawn Mower Spindles fuel tanks should always be filled with a portable container and never directly from a pump hose. Portable containers should be filled with the manufacturer's fuel recommendation while placed on the ground, and not when they're in a truck bed or on a trailer.Personal protective equipment, or PPE, refers to the protective gear you need to wear while working with outdoor power equipment. According to the B71.1 ANSI specifications and the ISO 5395 standards, this includes ear plugs, safety goggles and steel toe boots, at a minimum. Even if you're safely nestled into the seat of an Ariens zero turn lawn mower, clothing choice is a factor.Glasses aren't the same as safety goggles. To protect your eyes from flying debris, wear goggles that wrap around the top, bottom and sides of your eyes. If you have prescription lenses, look for top, bottom and side shields that can attach to the frames.​This is best practice, even though operators are spending 99% of their time in the driver's seat. You never know when you need to get off the machine and pick up an obstruction in the yard.