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What are the advantages of lawn mower motors

Lawn Mower Spindles, also known as guillotine motors, are widely used. It is mainly used in garden landscape decoration design and trimming, lawn greening and trimming, urban streets, landscaping tourist attractions, pastoral scenery trimming, farmland weeding, especially lawns and prairie in parks, football fields and other grass fields. The renovation of the villa courtyard and the plant community of the agricultural, forestry and livestock farms can also be used for harvest. A common lawn mower today is a gasoline lawn mower, also known as a gasoline saw. So what are the advantages of lawn mowers?
Four advantages of lawn mowers:

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1. High function: Generally, each lawn mower can weed 8×667m2 per day. Its effect is 16 times that of manual weeding (0.5×667m2 per day).
2. Good economic benefits: Due to the fast rotation speed of the lawn mower, the segmentation effect of weeds in the plantation is very good, especially for the weeds with strong tenderness. The 48v electric lawn mower motor generally weeds 3 times a year, which can basically meet the weeding regulations.
3. Soil and water conservation: manual selection of shovels for weeding, because the subsoil loosens at the same time during weeding, which often leads to certain water and soil outflow. Manual weeding on ladders can lead to more severe soil outflow. The choice of lawn mower has little or no effect on the soil surface, as it is only part of the laser cutting weed surface. In addition, the soil conservation effect of grassroots entrepreneurship is extremely beneficial to soil and water conservation.
4. improve the effect of fertilization: choose a lawn mower to weed until the weeds grow to a certain relative height, and the 12-volt crane motor cuts a large number of weeds to cover the plantation, which can be used as organic fertilizer for the plantation to improve soil organic matter.
The scope of use of the lawn mower: suitable for various weeds such as reed leaves, alfalfa, fish grass, etc. in plain areas, hilly terrain, field terraces, plantations, triangles, etc. Lawn mower).