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What are the technical points of the use of lawn mower motors

The 48v electric Lawn Mower Spindles motor is composed of a gasoline engine for a vehicle, a transmission system rod and a mowing wheel. The single-machine version weighs about 6Kg and is operated by one person. Its basic working principle is to use the driving force of the gasoline engine to drive the high-speed operation of the mowing rotary disk according to the transmission device, and at the same time adjust the special polymer material wire (grass rope) on the rotation to generate a certain laser cutting force to cut off the weeds. Has weeding effect.

Key points of lawn mower application technology

1. Use a lawnmower to weed, and the effect is good when the weeds grow to 10-13 cm. Weeds grow too tall and need to be done in two steps, cutting the top end first, then the bottom. The length of the grass rope on the electric lawn mower motor should be determined according to the row spacing of the plantation and the height of the weeds. If the row spacing is wide and the weed length is high, the length of the straw rope should be longer, conversely, the straw rope should be shorter.

2. When using the lawn mower, handrails should be used to keep a certain slope on the side of the fruit tree, so that the mowing falls on the side of the fruit tree as much as possible. Open the accelerator pedal at a medium speed and drive at an even speed, which can save fuel consumption and improve efficiency. Thick weeds should also be avoided as much as possible to prevent the rope from breaking. If necessary, large weeds can be pulled up manually before mowing the lawn with the lawnmower.

3. Lawn mowers can not only be used in green gardens, but also play a particularly critical role in agriculture. The lawn mower motor manufacturer maintains agricultural mechanization, improves work efficiency, and improves agricultural high efficiency when it is produced, which seems extremely important to a big agricultural country like everyone. In the rapid development of automation of agricultural, forestry and animal husbandry machinery in my country, the scientific research of new lawn mowers has developed towards a fast, stable, environmentally friendly and energy-saving perspective.