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What is the power system of a lawn mower

Judging from the development status of such products, there are two main forms of power system, one is the traditional conventional internal combustion power system represented by small gasoline engines or diesel engines. The characteristics of this kind of power system are: high power and long continuous working time, but its biggest disadvantage is high noise and vibration. Therefore, the products of this kind of power system are suitable for places with low environmental requirements. The other is a new type of power system with batteries as the power source.

The characteristics of this power system are: low noise and stable operation. Its biggest disadvantage is that it has less power, short continuous working time, frequent charging, and is not suitable for working in places far from the charging power source. First look at the traditional power system with gasoline engine and diesel engine power source, this type can choose 5-7 horsepower diesel engine, or gasoline engine, the engine provides all the power for the machine to walk and mowing, and the engine is installed on the engine bracket below with screws . The main components of the engine are: fuel tank, water tank, combustion cylinder. There is a fuel tank cover on the fuel tank. After opening the fuel tank cover, there is a layer of filter screen inside.

When adding fuel to the fuel tank through the filter screen, the sundries in the oil can be filtered out. In the lower part of the fuel tank is the fuel tank switch, which is the ON position and the OFF position. The fuel in the fuel tank is sent to the engine combustion cylinder through the fuel pipe. There is a water tank cover and a water level buoy on the water tank. The higher the water level in the water tank, the higher the position of the buoy. The clean water in the water tank is mainly to cool the engine. This machine uses a single engine that is cranked with a handle to start the engine.

This is the Lawn mower steering parts air filter through which the outside air enters the combustion cylinder. This is the oil filling port, which is equipped with an oil dipstick, which can display the oil level. The oil is added from here, and the oil is used to lubricate the engine. Throttle switch, the size of the throttle can be controlled with a pull wire. When the switch is at the top position, the throttle is closed and the machine stops. When the switch is at the bottom position, the throttle is the largest. There is an engine power take-off wheel on the other side of the engine. The side of the metal guard plate, you can clearly see the power transmission system.