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What is the role of capacitors in vacuum cleaner motors

The capacitors on the motor of the hand vacuum cleaner are for the operation of the motor. When the vacuum cleaner motor is a single-phase electric AC motor, a power capacitor must be connected in series with the running winding so that the single-phase electric motor can be turned over. Single-phase communication AC motors have only one winding and the rotor is squirrel-cage. When the current of the single-phase electric sine function is based on the stator winding of the motor, the motor will form an alternating electromagnetic field. The level and orientation of the electromagnetic field change regularly with the sine function, but the direction of the indoor space is determined. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner motor manufacturer calls this electromagnetic field an alternating pulsed electromagnetic field.

This alternating pulsed electromagnetic field can be decomposed into two rotating magnetic fields, the direction of rotation is reversed between the same speed ratio. When the rotor is stationary, the two rotating magnetic fields form two rotational distances of the same magnitude and opposite directions in the rotor, resulting in a zero rotational distance, so the motor cannot rotate. When we use an external force to rotate the motor to one direction (such as clockwise rotation), the fitness motion of the laser-cut magnetic induction line between the rotor and the clockwise rotation angle decreases; the fitness motion of the laser-cut magnetic induction line between the rotation angles increases.

Then the balance will be broken, the total electromagnetic induction torque formed by the rotor will no longer be zero, and the rotor will rotate along the promoting direction. In order for the single phase motor motor to flip, you can add a start winding to the motor stator, the start winding and the main winding are 90 degrees apart in this area, the start winding should be connected in series with a suitable capacitor to facilitate a 90 degree separation from the main winding's AC supply degrees, the phase difference. In this way, 2 electrical commodity flows that are 90 degrees apart in time period flow into 2 windings that are 90 degrees apart in area, which may cause a (two-phase) rotating magnetic field in the area. Under the function of this rotating magnetic field, the rotor can be fully automatic.

After starting, when the car shock absorber manufacturers speed ratio rises to a certain level, the starting winding is cut off by means of a centrifugal power switch installed on the rotor or other automatic control system equipment. During normal operation, only the main winding is working. Therefore, the starting winding can be made to work in a short time. However, in many cases, the wet and dry vacuum cleaner motor starts the winding and continues to open. We call this type of motor a capacitive sensor single-phase electric motor. To change the rotation of this type of motor, it can be done by changing the place where the power capacitors are connected in series.