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Why grass clippings clump when you mow

When you mow your lawn a push mower creates masses of little grass clippings that fall onto the lawn. When the grass is wet or too long the clippings fly up and stick to the underside of the deck and blade. The bagger chute can also be affected.

The clinging clips can cause the mowers blade to dull and can cause the blade and the area under the deck to rust. This could happen because the grass is wet due to a previous shower or thunderstorm. However, this can also occur in hot and dry climates because grass retains moisture. Some times the rust can cause enough damage to the metal of the mower that you’ll have to replace certain parts.

The lawnmower losing suction can also cause grass clipping to clog the chute. A good sign that this is occurring is that the bag that catches the clipping doesnt get as full as you would expect and it takes longer to mow. In this case, the bag may be unaligned with the chute causing debris to collect and ultimately clog the system.

The mowers Lawn mower steering parts engine can also contribute to the problem. If the engine is worn, it may work harder than normal. The strain can wear out the engine even more and could result in the need to acquire a new mower. A well-maintained engine will allow you to run it at full throttle and can minimize the accumulation of the clippings.