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Why is the water pump motor hot

The reason why the motor is hot is nothing more than equipment failure, unbalanced windings, and overload conditions. From the analysis of the situation discussed by the pump motor manufacturer, it should not be the fault of the motor equipment or the unbalanced windings. The motor is hot due to equipment failure. Local heating, such as rolling bearing position, etc. Motors with unbalanced windings will have abnormal noises, and the application cycle is short. However, if you continue to replace the motors without success, you can also clear the common faults of the windings.

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1. The product quality of the motor itself has poor heat removal effect, which may be the reason why the motor of the mixer pump is hot, that is, the quality of the motor is not good. If this happens, the manufacturer should immediately replace it.

2. Because the model of the water pump is incorrectly selected, and the high-lift pump operates at a low working pressure, it will cause the pump outlet flow to be too large and the motor will be overloaded. Due to the overload, the power consumption of the motor will be increased.

3. The grade of insulating layer material determines the allowable temperature rise limit of the motor. In IEC 60034-1, the temperature resistance of insulating layer materials, the difference of insulating layer material grades and the calculation method of over-temperature are indicated.

4. Considering that the liquid to be transported is a liquid with a relatively large proportion and high viscosity, the pump used is not suitable for the liquid medium to be transported. If the proportion of water is large, the output power of the motor should be increased. If the viscosity is relatively large, a magnetic pump should be used.