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The wisdom and power of automobile shock absorbers

On busy city streets or rugged mountain roads, car shock absorbers are like silent guardians, silently playing a key role between the wheels and the body. When the wheels encounter bumps and impacts on the road, it is the shock absorbers that ensure smooth and comfortable driving with their unique wisdom and power.

When the wheel moves upward, that is, during the compression stroke, the damping force inside the car's shock absorber is relatively small. This design is based on the consideration of giving full play to the elasticity of the suspension system. When the vehicle travels over potholes or encounters a sudden impact, the wheels will bounce upward, and this small damping force of the shock absorbers allows the suspension system to have enough space to stretch to cushion this impact. In this way, the vibrations felt by passengers in the car are greatly reduced, making the driving experience smoother.

However, as the wheel moves downward, i.e. during extension travel, the damping force of the shock absorber increases significantly. This is because at this stage, the shock absorbers need to quickly absorb and reduce the shock generated when the wheels move downward. By increasing the damping force, the shock absorber can quickly slow down the relative movement between the wheels and the body, thereby maintaining the stability of the body and the comfort of the ride.

It is worth mentioning that car shock absorbers also have automatic adjustment functions. When the relative speed between the wheel and axle is too high, this can be caused by sharp turns, sudden braking, or extreme unevenness in the road surface. In this case, the shock absorber can automatically increase the fluid flow to keep the damping force within a certain limit. This automatic adjustment function ensures that the vehicle can maintain stability and safety under various extreme working conditions and avoid excessive impact loads.

With its unique wisdom and strength, Car Shock Absorbers play a vital role between the wheels and the body. Not only can it effectively absorb and reduce road vibrations, it can also cope with various extreme working conditions through automatic adjustment functions. It is precisely because of such guardians that our driving journey can be smoother, more comfortable and safer.