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What are the advantages and applications of steel drag chains

The main body of the steel drag chain is composed of chain plates (high-quality steel plate chrome-plated), support plates (extruded aluminum alloy), axle pins (alloy steel) and other components, which make relative movement between the cable or rubber tube and the drag chain. Produce distortion.

Application areas:

Used in CNC machine tools, manipulators, door and window machinery, injection molding machines, overweight transportation equipment, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, automated warehouses, etc.

Advantages of steel towline:

01. The chain plate is chrome-plated with Heavy Duty Drag Link novel appearance, reasonable structure, high dexterity and strength, good rigidity and not easy to deform, convenient disassembly and assembly, and high reliability

02. The use of high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the use of alloy steel shaft pins make the product more wear-resistant, more flexible, less resistance, and lower noise, which can ensure that it will not be deformed or sag after long-term use

03. It can carry heavy weight cables and tubing, and the free suspension length is longer

04. The use of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles can meet the needs of different levels of customers. The width of the support plate can reach 1200mm. Even at the highest speed and stroke speed, the internal separation of the towline can be guaranteed to be impeccable, and the maximum cable Good protection status.

05. Made of aluminum alloy, with high stability, cable protection is more sturdy, and the drag chain can be opened at any part of it

06. Exquisite appearance, which can greatly enhance the overall artistic effect of machine tools and enhance the competitiveness of machine tools and mechanical equipment in the international market