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What are the advantages of the new steel aluminum drag chain

Due to the unreasonable structure of the traditional drag chain, there are many defects in the use, which often leads to operation failure, which is far from meeting the requirements of the modern metallurgical industry. The long-life steel drag chain technology is advanced, the material selection is reasonable, and the structure design is novel, which fully meets the performance requirements of the modern metallurgical industry.

The design of stainless steel drag chains breaks Heavy Duty Drag Link through the traditional fixing methods, mainly aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel. The difference in material quality also determines that the load on the load-bearing cables and tubing of steel towline is greater than that of plastic, which is more suitable for use in harsh environments. Metal materials have certain advantages in terms of wear resistance.

The main body of the steel-aluminum drag chain is composed of chain wrench (high-quality steel plate chrome-plated), support drawing (extruded aluminum alloy), axle pin (alloy steel) and other components. There is no relative movement or deformation between the cable or rubber tube and the traction chain. New shape effect, high dexterity strength, good steel performance, no deformation.
The new type of steel-aluminum towline has the advantages that the traditional towline can’t match

The new type of steel-aluminum towline has the incomparable advantages of traditional towline, and its features are as follows:

1. Modify the chain plate structure to separate the traveling grooves and connecting holes distributed on the same chain plate, so that the chain with arc-shaped traveling grooves is composed of thickened plates, and the connecting holes are composed of two dislocation or flat cover plates.

2. Change the manufacturing process. Due to changes in the steel chain structure, it is possible to improve the process. The traditional stamping technology is transformed into advanced laser cutting technology, and the laser cutting of the arc groove chain is realized.

3. The innovation of assembly technology is due to the change of the chain plate structure and chain manufacturing process, which has realized the transformation of the assembly process, and realized the assembly of the steel drag chain under the premise of ensuring the uniformity and verticality of the chain.

The steel-aluminum drag chain is an important protective device for various cables and electrical pipelines in the electrical system of a machine tool, ensuring that it will not wear out during the working process and will not be twisted into the machine space. Steel-aluminum drag chains protect cables, wires, and conduits from wear and tear, and extend their service life.