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What are the characteristics of the lawn mower motor

1: High efficiency: Generally, each electric lawn machine motor can weed more than 8*667 meters per day, and its effect is equivalent to 16 shells of human weeding (0.5*667 meters per day).

Spindle Assembly For Mower Deck John Deere GY20050 GY20785 (L100 L120 L130)

Fits John Deere model L100-L130 and GX20250. Replace John Deere GY20050, GY20785. Overall Height 6-3/4 in. With grease fitting, No threads in housing, use self-tapping screws, which not included.
Fits John Deere model L100-L130 and GX20250
Replace John Deere GY20050, GY20785
Overall height 6-3/4 in., with grease fitting, no threads in housing, use self-tapping screws, which not included
Easy to use

2: Good economic benefits: Due to the faster rotation speed of the lawn mower, the laser cutting effect on the weeds in the planting area is particularly good, especially on the weeds with strong tender grass. Can meet weeding requirements.
3: Maintain soil and water: Human use shovel to weed. After all, the subsoil is loosened while weeding, which generally causes a certain amount of soil erosion. Human weeding on the sill will cause serious soil erosion. Use a lawn mower to weed, because it is only a part of the laser-cut weeds ground, which is basically harmless to the surface of the soil layer. In addition, the soil protection effect of grassroots entrepreneurship is very conducive to maintaining soil moisture.
4: Improve fertility: Weeding with electric weeding motor should wait until the weeds have grown to a certain height. Many weeds cut off can cover the planting area, and can also be used as organic fertilizer in the planting area to improve soil fertility.
Knowledge expansion:
What are some common problems caused by rotational misalignment on a track mower?
According to the principles of rotating electric machines, this common problem situation is caused by the lack of immediate braking system or insufficient braking force. The reasons for the problem are most likely to be as follows: The brake oil pressure is found to be abnormal, and the twistlock relay has been released. The rotating brake system pads are found to be abnormal, and the rotating brake system is found to be abnormal.
1. According to the analysis concept, first check part of the control circuit of the rotary lock valve, and find that the power circuit is firmly connected and there is no short circuit fault/short circuit. The relay measured that the magnet coil and the valve core are working normally, and it can be considered that there is no problem in the power circuit.
2. Accurately measure and release the vapor pressure of the braking system. The pressure measurement value is 3MPa. This information shows that the pressure of the motor braking system of the mower is normal, so it can be determined that the problem should be in the motor.