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What are the common reasons why the lawn mower cannot start

There are many possible reasons for the Lawn mower steering parts lawn mower to crash, but in the end only two things are needed to start the engine: fuel and sparks. If the engine does not spark on the plug or the fuel does not reach the engine, your lawn mower will never start. The important thing to remember is that, like any other machine, lawn mowers require daily maintenance and proper maintenance to continue normal operation. Some of the most common problems encountered by lawn mower owners are the direct consequence of incorrect or neglected regular maintenance each season.


When the lawn mower is stored in the warehouse throughout the winter, the problem that the lawn mower cannot be started is easy to occur, as when it is used in large quantities in the spring and summer. Related to this is that the shelf life of gasoline is shorter than you might realize. Stale, untreated gas is one of the most common fuel problems because it starts to decompose after about a month. If left in the fuel tank for a long enough time, the old, stale fuel will eventually cause damage to the engine.

If the gas in the lawn mower fuel tank has been used for more than 30 days, you need to empty the fuel tank and refill it with new fuel. Depending on the equipment, the lawn mower may be dumped and the water tank may be drained. If not, you need to suck out the fuel. Old fuel is highly toxic, so be sure to work in a well-ventilated area. After removing the old fuel, replace with new fuel and fuel stabilizer. A clean lawn mower carburetor is the lifeblood of a small lawn mower engine. A corroded, clogged or dirty carburetor will stop the entire engine.

The carburetor of your lawn mower has a difficult job: it is responsible for mixing air and fuel in the required ratio to maximize power and minimize fuel consumption. The deposits in the carburetor can block the fuel and air passages and stop the entire engine.Since your lawn mower is often exposed to large amounts of debris, grass and branches, the main fuel nozzle can easily become clogged. Most carburetor problems are caused by blockages such as dirt, varnish and gasoline deposits.