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What are the improvements made in the material of nylon drag chains

Nylon drag chains use nylon as the raw material and add glass fiber to achieve the effect of rigidity. However, the drag chain has a certain speed when in use, and requires better toughness and impact strength, so the material must be reinforced and toughened. Double modification. The drag chain is installed together one by one. Any loose part may affect the use of the entire drag chain. It has high requirements for performance and stability, and at the same time, it is guaranteed to be installed and disassembled. There will be no breakage during the process and it will not be used. Nylon drag chain has high pressure and tensile load, good toughness, high elasticity, abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, and stability under high and low temperature conditions are its strengths. Its application to machinery emphasizes its oil resistance. Sometimes it is necessary to deal with acidic or alkaline substances, and it can perform well.

Nylon drag chains reduce consumption and can greatly improve the disorderly distribution of wires, cables, liquid and gas hoses of machine tools and mechanical equipment, making them neatly and regularly arranged together, which can enhance the overall artistic modeling effect of machine Steering Drag Link tools and mechanical equipment. The equipment management system is composed of a software part and a hardware system. Each equipment has its own ground server. Nylon drag chain management process carries out equipment classification management, so the concept of "group domain" of system design is produced. The idea of ​​equipment management system is gradually established, and the development direction is determined as standardization and modularization.

The convenience of nylon drag chain lies in its self-adjustable length, convenient disassembly and assembly, and a wide variety of bending radii. Its testing items are also issues that manufacturers should pay attention to. Nylon drag chains are suitable for CNC machine tools, machining centers, automated machinery and production lines and other various machine tools, robots, transportation machinery, measuring instruments, handling devices and other drive controls as protective devices for wires, cables, liquids, and gas hoses. , The moving parts of mechanical equipment operate in a coordinated manner, which can exert the ability of safety protection and guidance, and can extend the service life of the protected wires, cables, liquid and gas hoses.