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What are the main points of the disassembly of the spindle bearing


As a key component of the machining center, the performance of the spindle will directly affect the accuracy, speed, rigidity, temperature rise and noise of the machining center, and then affect the processing quality of the workpiece. In order to maintain excellent machine tool processing capabilities, high-performance bearings must be used.

The assembly quality of the spindle bearing directly affects Spindle Assembly Parts suppliers its working status and service life. Many CNC machining center failures are caused by improper assembly of the bearing, so sufficient attention should be paid to the assembly technology of the bearing.

 Take out and clean the spindle bearing

1. Keep hands clean and dry: When the precision bearing is taken out of the package, the operator's hands should be kept clean and dry, because sweat on the hands can cause rust, and gloves can

2. Ensure good lubrication effect: the removed precision bearing should be greased and oiled immediately, and the greased precision bearing should be installed without pollution immediately after removal, and no grease or oiling treatment.

3. The packaging must be sealed: precision bearings can only be removed from the original packaging for cleaning before assembly. After taking out several sets of precision bearing packages sealed with volatile corrosion inhibitors, the packages should be sealed immediately, because the protective gas of VIC paper can only be kept in the sealed packages.

4. Correct cleaning: Grease precision bearings must not be cleaned before assembly, and precision bearings without grease must be cleaned before assembly. After cleaning, they should be dried and immediately applied with anti-rust oil or grease to avoid corrosion.