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What is most important when installing the drag link

The drag link end at the steer axle end of your drag link is showing signs of wear and needs replacing. The common practice is that you take it to your local parts outlet , the parts interpreter measures the thread, length and checks the size for taper and gives you a replacement and Stainless Steel Pulley Wheel all appears to be fine. Perhaps not !!

The rod ends fitted to draglink tubes have anti-seize applied to threads.

When installing the draglink please ensure safe clearances to all chassis and suspension components are maintained for the full movement of the draglink during operation. The clearances must be checked on both full right and left hand wheel turn angles. Additional checks must be made at full suspension bump and hang or rebound. The tyre must not contact the draglink tube at any time.

When adjusting the length of the draglink ensure the steering gear plungers / poppets and axle lock stops are also correctly set as per manufacturer’s specifications.

When tightening the draglink and rod ends, if supplied, ensure that the rod ends are located centrally in the total available movement of the rod end, while the vehicle and wheels are in the straight ahead position. Where the draglink is fitted with lock nuts ensure the body of the rod end is not forced against the rod end stud while tightening is being performed.