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What is the difference between a lawn mower and a lawn mower

Mowers, all hand-held tools used to cut weeds in lawns, gardens, pastures and other places. According to the power source, it can be divided into oil-powered and electric; according to the power head structure, it can be divided into front-powered and rear-powered.
Agricultural and livestock machinery used for cutting green (dry) corn stalks, rice straws and other crop stalks and pasture.
Grass trimmer structure
For example, the 9Z-2.5 lawn mower is mainly composed of feeding mechanism, guillotine mechanism, throwing mechanism, transmission mechanism, walking mechanism, protective device and frame. Its components are as follows:
1) Feeding mechanism: mainly composed of feeding table, upper and lower Cao Kun, fixed blade, fixed knife support seat
2) Guillotine throwing mechanism: mainly composed of movable knife, cutter head, locking screw, etc.
3) Transmission mechanism: mainly composed of V-belt, transmission shaft, gear, universal joint, etc.
4) Walking mechanism: mainly composed of ground casters
5) Protective device: composed of protective cover
Working principle: The motor is used as the supporting power. The power is transmitted to the main shaft, and the gear at the other end of the main shaft transmits the speed-regulated power to the grass kun through a gear box, universal joint, etc. When the material to be processed enters between the upper and lower grass kuns, it is clamped by the pressure. It is held and fed into the cutting mechanism at a certain speed, shredded by a high-speed rotating cutter, and thrown out of the machine through the grass outlet.
What is the difference between a lawn mower and a lawn mower
The common functions of lawn mowers and lawn mowers are weeding, but the grass cut by the lawn mower is complete, and the lawn mower is shattered.
From the perspective of cutting strength, the blade is more suitable for thick, shrubs, etc., which are generally grass with a certain strength, while the nylon rope-type mowing head is suitable for relatively soft grass, such as spring grass.
The lawn mower is composed of a cutter head, an engine, a traveling wheel, a traveling mechanism, a blade, a handrail, and a control part. The cutter head is installed on the traveling wheel, the cutter head is equipped with an engine, and the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade. The blade uses the high-speed rotation of the engine to increase the speed a lot, saving the weeding worker's working time and reducing a lot of human resources. It consists of a parallel four-bar lifting device, a frame, a left and right single-wing weeding device, a complete machine deviation adjustment device, a comb-tooth rotating bevel gear speed-increasing transmission mechanism and a comb-tooth profiling depth adjustment device; the efficiency is 8 to 8 higher than that of manual weeding 10 times, low seedling damage rate, high seedling removal clean rate.
Now that the technology is advanced, the general lawn mower can complete the work such as mowing, trimming the grass and trimming the hedge by changing the cutting head.