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What is the reason for the broken joints of the machine tool drag chain during use

The broken part of the plastic drag chain is the most common problem encountered by everyone. The occurrence of a section means that the drag chain is scrapped, so the damage to the broken part is still very large, so what are the causes of the section?

Causes of broken joints in machine tool drag chains during use

1 Some customers buy plastic drag chains with poor quality. The material is ordinary plastic. The quality of the product itself is the most common factor that causes the joint to break. The low or poor quality of nylon produced will cause product quality problems. Therefore, heavy load is used. It's not too unexpected that the problem occurred.

2 It is used for a long distance without fixing the external guide groove, which causes the plastic drag chain to not move in a straight line, but deform and deform. Then you can imagine this kind of picture in long-term use, under the effect of long-term strength , The gradual deformation of the knot appears.    

3 Everyone knows that the new plastic drag chain now has a shaft pin. If the pin disappears during use, the fixing of the plastic drag chain can also cause problems. Under the action of external force, the condition is broken. In addition, if you choose our high-quality nylon drag chain, there will be no broken knots.    

There are many cases of broken plastic drag chains. These are three common reasons. You can provide us with feedback on the problems in use, and we will help you analyze them.