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Where are the advantages of steel and aluminum drag chains?

The stainless steel towline is mainly composed of chain plates, support plates, shaft pins, spacers and other components, so that no deformation occurs between the cable or hose and the towline. After the chain plate is chrome plated, the shape effect is novel, the structure is reasonable, the intelligent strength is high, and the performance of the steel is not deformed. Easy to install, reliable to use, easy to disassemble, no sagging. In particular, the use of high-strength wear-resistant materials, alloy copper as pins, improves the wear-resistant strength of the product, more flexible bending, less resistance, and lower noise.

The spacer is a small accessory commonly found in steel and aluminum drag chains, and it plays an important role in the adjustment of cables and gas pipelines in steel drag chains. Although the spacer is small, it plays a big role. Stainless steel towline separators Steering Drag Link are generally made of nylon products and are most widely used; followed by metal products. Traditionally, aluminum products are generally made specially. Nylon spacers are simple to manufacture, low in cost, and have little friction with the cable to be protected, so they have been widely used. The use of spacers depends on the objects placed in the steel drag chain. When there are many built-in cables, wires, and air ducts, spacer rods are generally used to prevent entanglement and confusion during work from affecting the use, and isolate them according to the expected effect.

Stainless steel towline is widely used and its structure is inseparable. The drag chain is composed of multiple unit links, which can rotate freely. The inner height, outer height, and pitch of the same series of steel towline are the same, and the inner width and bending radius r of the steel towline can be selected according to different options. The unit link is composed of left and right chain plates and upper and lower cover plates. All links of the towline can be opened to facilitate the disassembly and assembly of cables, oil pipes, air pipes, water pipes, etc., which can be put into the steel towline after the cover is opened. Separator can also be provided as required to separate the space in the chain as required; or a separate support plate can be selected.

The steel-aluminum drag chain adopts high-strength wear-resistant materials, and the axle pin adopts alloy copper, which improves the wear-resistant strength of the product, makes bending more flexible, reduces resistance, reduces noise, and ensures that it will not deform or sag in long-term use.