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Why does the core of the cable drag chain break?

1. Conductor structure The cable should choose the most flexible conductor. Generally speaking, the thinner the conductor, the better the flexibility of the cable. However, if the conductor is too thin, the cable will be twisted. A series of long-term experiments have provided the best diameter, length and pitch shield combination of a single wire, which has the best tensile strength.
2. There is a process called stranded wire. The stranded wire structure must Heavy Duty Drag Link be wound around a stable tensile center with the best cross-pitch. However, due to the application of insulating materials, the stranded wire structure should be designed according to the motion state,
3. Selection of raw materials. The outer sheath made of different improved materials has different functions, including UV resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance and cost optimization. But all these outer sheaths have one thing in common, high abrasion resistance, and will not stick to anything. The outer sheath must be highly flexible but also have a supporting function, and of course it should be high-pressure forming.