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How much do you know about car shock absorbers?

How much do you know about car shock absorbers?

The reason why the car does not sway when turning and the body is stable and does not jump is related to the shock absorber. Then you would ask, what about the spring? What is the relationship between shock absorbers and springs?

The relationship between the spring and the shock absorber is very subtle. The function of the spring is to cushion the impact of the ground; the function of the shock absorber is to attenuate the back and forth vibration of the spring. In other words, the existence of the shock absorber is to prevent the spring Playing too fast!

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The working principle of the shock absorber: The inside of the shock absorber is filled with oil. There are holes on the piston head of the shock absorber, which may be one or more. The oil in the cavity when the shock absorber moves up and down It flows back and forth between the upper cavity and the lower cavity through the small holes in the piston head. Because the oil is viscous, it also releases a lot of heat, which is equivalent to converting the kinetic energy generated by the bumps of the vehicle into heat energy .

The shock absorber cannot exist independently, and the spring also needs an energy that can restrain its elasticity. Therefore, one of the two cannot be missing. Otherwise, without the shock absorber, your car will jump and jump.