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Hot sale  rubber car shock absorber

Hot sale rubber car shock absorber

Business Type:Manufacturer, Factory
Payment method: 30% deposit, 70% delivery after completion
Minimum order quantity:200
Delivery time:15 days after receiving the deposit (except for special products)
Payment method:T / T
Transportation:Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port Shipping

Hardness:20-85 Shore A, ± 5 Shore A

Temperature:-40°C to +300°C

Performance:Good sealing & damping;Waterproof;Aging/ozone/oil/pressure resistance;Low & high temperature resistance

Material: Commonly used in rubber shock absorbers is rubber such as natural rubber silicone rubber EPDM rubber. The corresponding materials are selected according to the specific use environment. For example, natural rubber is non-positive rubber, which is resistant to bending and insulation. EPDM rubber has strong alkali resistance, etc.

Qualitative: Natural rubber vulcanized materials are generally stable from -40 degrees to 80 degrees, but can be used from -50 to 120 degrees with excellent materials.

Adhesive: Apply adhesive to the surface of the metal part to ensure the adhesion of rubber and metal during vulcanization.

Tolerance: There is no absolute precision in the manufacturing process. The dimensional tolerance of rubber products is in accordance with ISO3301. As for physical properties, the hardness will have a tolerance of 5 degrees.

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Founded in 1997, Hangzhou Shengda Bearing Co., Ltd. is a former Sino-US cooperative enterprise engaged in machinery manufacturing and processing. It is located in the east side of Hangzhou City with beautiful scenery and outstanding people.

As a leading China Hot sale rubber car shock absorber manufacturers and custom Hot sale rubber car shock absorber factory. At present, the company has more than 50 million yuan in fixed assets, covers an area of ​​over 13,000 square meters, has a number of branches in Ningbo, Qiaosi and other places, with more than 200 employees, of which 40% are middle-level and above. The company's annual sales income is nearly 200 million yuan, and most of its products are exported.

The company mainly produces all kinds of punching and pressing products, automobile and motorcycle chassis fittings, piston kits and parts processing, deep groove ball bearings, stainless steel bearings, non-standard bearings and OEM Hot sale rubber car shock absorber for machine tools, automobiles and motorcycles, agricultural machinery and motors and other industries.

With years of development and production of non-standard products, the company has accumulated rich production experience. The mechanical manufacturing equipment is excellent, the testing is strict and complete, the management science is strict, and the production management fully implements the ISO/TS16949:2002 standard. The products are mainly sold to John Deere, Electrolux, Tenneco, GM, Ford, German BMW, French Hutchinson and other famous Fortune 500 companies.

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