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How to choose the material of the steel drag chain connecting shaft


Steel drag chains are also called steel-aluminum drag chains in closed and semi-closed types. They are manufactured by the introduction of German technology. They are heavy-duty drag chains with high carrying capacity and large overhead length. They are suitable for large and medium-sized machinery. Great improvements are made during use. Distortion and deformation of the drag chain.


The main body of the steel towline is composed of chain pull (using high-quality steel plate after quenching and then polished chrome plating/galvanizing/spraying treatment), support pull (extruded aluminum alloy), shaft pin (alloy steel) and other components to make the cable Or there is no relative movement between the rubber tube and the towline, no distortion, the chain plate is chrome-plated, and the shape effect is novel and reasonable. The structure is smart, high in strength, rigid and not deformed, easy to install, reliable in use, easy to disassemble, especially The use of high-strength wear-resistant materials and alloy copper as the shaft pin improves the wear-resistant strength of the product, is more flexible, has less resistance, and reduces noise, so as to ensure that it will not be deformed or sag after long-term use.

   Steel drag chain specifications are 45, 65, 95, 125, 180, 225, 250, the width of the drag chain can be customized according to user requirements, and the bending radius is between 50-800. There are three types of support plates. When the drag chain needs to carry a large pipe or cable load, a high-strength support plate-one piece type should be used. When there are many types of installation pipe cables, the support plate-frame type can be selected.

The material of the connecting shaft of the steel towline determines the service life of the steel towline. The material of the pin of the steel towline must be made of high-strength alloy steel, because the repeated operation of the steel towline will wear out the pin. Very large, if the material is not good, it will quickly sag and break the steel towline. Because of the exquisite appearance of this product, it can greatly enhance the overall artistic beauty of machine tools and enhance the competitiveness of our country's machine tools and machinery in the international market.