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How to deal with water seepage at the seal of the water pump motor

Reason one: The installation of the energy-saving pump motor is too tight. Observe the plane of the dynamic and static ring of the seal of the machine. If there is severe scorching, blackening of the plane, deep marks, hard sealing rubber, and loss of elasticity, it is caused by too tight installation.
Solution: Adjust the installation height. After the impeller is installed, use a screwdriver to pull out the torsion spring. The tension of the torsion spring is strong. Repeat λ after loosening. There is a moving distance of 24MM.

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The second reason is that the installation is too loose. Observe the machine seal, static ring plane, there is a very thin layer of scaling on the surface, which can be wiped, and the surface is basically undamaged. This is due to the loss of elasticity of the torsion spring and poor installation, or the axial movement of the motor.
The third reason is that the water quality is poor and contains particles. Due to poor water quality and high content of small particles and substances containing hydrochloride, pipe grooves and ring grooves appear on the surface or surface of the abrasive wear machine seal.
Solution: improve the pressure or substance, and replace the mechanical seal.
Reason four: Dry grinding damage due to lack of water operation. This phenomenon is a common negative pressure at the inlet of the bottom valve installation method, there is gas at the inlet, and there is gas in the pump chamber. After the permanent magnet water pump motor is started, the machine seal friction will generate high temperature when it runs at high speed, and it cannot be refrigerated. Check the seal of the machine, the spring tension is normal, the friction surface is burnt black, and the rubber is hard and cracked. Solution: Change the secret.
Reason five, cavitation. Cavitation mainly occurs in the hot water pump. Because the substance is boiled water, the water temperature is too high to generate steam, the gas in the pipeline enters the high altitude of the pump cavity, and this part of the gas cannot be removed, resulting in less water operation, mechanical seal dry grinding is ineffective, and cavitation is installed with an automatic exhaust valve. Replace the machine seal.
Six reasons, installation problems. When the pump motor manufacturer installs the pump cover, it may be installed flat, causing the shaft and the pump cover to not be vertical, resulting in a mismatch between the dynamic and static planes, short start-up time, and one-sided damage and leakage. The rubber parts may also be damaged when the dynamic and static rings are installed, or the surface of the dynamic and static rings may be injured.
Solution: disassemble and reinstall, check whether the pump cover is installed flat.