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How to check the transmission conveyor chain

The Steering Drag Link is mainly divided into: short pitch roller chain for transmission, double pitch roller chain for transmission, sleeve chain for transmission, bent plate roller chain for heavy-duty transmission, toothed chain for transmission, continuously variable speed chain, Long pitch conveyor chain, short pitch roller conveyor chain, double pitch roller conveyor chain, double speed conveyor chain, plate chain.
We all care about the quality of the transmission chain. How to judge the quality of the conveyor chain and what are the inspection methods for judging the quality? The following will introduce one or two by the editor.
The transmission chain is generally a metal link or ring, which is mostly used for mechanical transmission. The transmission chain includes four series of transmission chain, conveyor chain, pull chain and special professional chain. The flexible system composed of its rigid components makes it a basic mechanical part with a wide range of uses. Generally, our hardware experts identify the transmission chain mainly from the transmission chain. Appearance, accuracy, elongation, etc. are judged.
1. Whether the inner/outer chain piece is deformed, cracked, embroidered
2. Whether the pin is deformed or rotated, embroidered
3. Whether the roller is cracked or damaged. Excessive wear
4. Whether the joint is loose and deformed
5. Whether there is abnormal sound or abnormal vibration during operation, and whether the transmission chain is in good lubrication condition