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What is the best grease for lawn mower spindles

The greatest error any Mower Deck Spindle owner of a lawn mower can make in its maintenance is to use the wrong kind of grease for the spindles. Generally speaking, as long as you use the grease advised by the manufacturer of the lawn mower the brand of the grease does not really matter.Lawn mower spindles are an extremely important part of the mower’s cutting deck. The mower deck spindles and pulleys work together to rotate the blades for a smooth even cut. If any parts of the spindle assembly are bent or broken, it can cause the blades to spin unevenly, or prevent them from spinning at all.

Greasing is extremely essential for the lawn mower spindles to work properly as it allows the parts being greased to resist wearing and tearing, provides protection against corrosion, and it also adds resistance against the damage caused by the exposure to water and other liquids.Different types of lawn mower greases are made up of different components. One kind of grease may contain lithium combined with molybdenum disulfide or some kind maybe made up of just plain lithium. Poly urea, a type of elastomer and protective coating, is another ingredient that is commonly used in the making of grease.It is a high performance, multi-service, aluminum-complex, synthetic grease.

Smooth and quite operation of the bearings is guaranteed after applying this grease to the spindles of the lawn mower. It provides amazing protection against rust and corrosion.Great for Tractors, Combines, construction equipment, forestry equipment, lawn and grounds care equipment, implements, trucks and autos. This is a very commonly used kind of grease for spindles of lawn mowers.In order to provide a wide range of operating temperatures, it combines excellent multi-purpose characteristics with a high dropping point and an ability to pump at low-temperature. This product provides superior protection in heavily-loaded industrial, mining and construction applications as well as consumer lawn mowers.

Having the grease for your lawn mower spindles is not enough, you’ve also got to know how to apply it as well.Make sure your mower is on a level surface and access the grease fittings that are on top of the deck.Once you find the spindle assembly, remove the cover and either using a screwdriver or a wrench access the grease fitting.Loosen the cylinder and load your manual grease gun on the pump end of the gun. On the notch of the gun, pull the handle back. Remove any old grease if necessary.Insert the rubber grease tube into the gun, remove the metal tab and then screw the end back on.On the edge of the grease gun hose, tightly place the coupler. Place two shots of grease to the spindle.