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What to do before using the lawn mower

Before the lawnmower is put into operation, a series of inspections and preparations must be carried out. Stop the machine in a horizontal position, first check the fuel tank and cooling water tank, open the water tank cover, add an appropriate amount of cooling water as required by the manual, cover the water tank cover, open the fuel tank cover, and add fuel that meets the requirements. Do not add too much fuel.Cover and tighten the fuel tank cap, check whether the tire pressure is normal, inflate in time if it is insufficient, check whether the cutting disc is running normally, whether the cutting knife is in good condition, the transmission belts should be free of cracks, and the pinch pulley is working effectively, otherwise it should be replaced in time or adjust.

Put the clutch handle of the gearbox and the clutch handle of the cutter to the separate position, put the gear handle in the neutral position, release the pinch roller of the cutter, put it in the walking position, put the throttle handle in the middle position, and start the engine with the crank handle , After starting, slowly increase the accelerator, and push the transmission clutch handle to the combined position. Then hook up the low-speed forward gear, and the lawn mower starts to walk.

When working near the village, the lawn mower can walk to the destination by itself, because the walking speed of this lawn mower is relatively slow. Far away, there should be means of transportation.When the lawn mower comes to the ground, stop the machine and make further adjustments. The wheel spacing of the two walking wheels of this machine can be adjusted. Let's take a look. The tire on one side is connected to the drive shaft through a latch Yes, there are three connection jacks on the drive shaft. The tires are connected to different positions, so the two wheel bases are different.

When the Lawn mower steering parts grass slope is relatively large, the wide wheel base can better adapt to the ground. Move the pinch roller of the cutter to the working position, and adjust the cutter according to the height of the stubble, mainly by adjusting the position of the two screws to adjust the height of the cutter. Tighten the connecting screw of the blade on the cutter head and the connecting screw on the protective cover. Put both clutches in the disengaged position, engage the neutral position, restart the engine, slowly increase the accelerator, slowly connect the cutter clutch handle, the cutting disc starts to run, engage the transmission clutch, and then engage the low-speed forward gear, The lawnmower started to work.