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What are the basic knowledge of electric lawn mower motors

Mowers should be mowered in full daylight and the grass is relatively dry.
Sturdy shoes with non-slip soles should be worn.

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Objects that are likely to be stunned by the blade should be removed from the area, such as stones, tree branches, and small toys.
It is advisable to gaze at the area 3-4 inches (0.9-1.2 m) directly in front of you when weeding.
Children, watchers and pets should be paid close attention to, and they should not be allowed near.
Walking tractors should be used for weeding across steep slopes, and ride-on mowers should be used for uphill and downhill roads.
Never leave a push mower unattended.
Never adjust the height of the lawn mower, clear the motor outlet of the electric lawn mower, or remove the growth bag while the car engine is still running.
Never reach out or access a mower with your car's engine already running.
Do not tie the car engine safety shut down control lever. They are set up for your safety.
Never pull the tractor walker mower in the direction you belong.
Never weed on steep and steep slopes that are not easy to maintain stability and control.