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Why does the water pump motor continue to heat up

Do you know what causes the water pump motor to overheat? Once the water pump motor overheats, there are certain safety hazards, so it is necessary to grasp the cause of the overheating of the water pump motor, so as to solve the problem of motor overheating, in fact, it is easy to analyze:

1. Pony carriage: The Mower Deck Spindle is new, but the new energy-saving water pump motor cannot meet the original requirements. It is like a pony, which puts a heavy load on the motor and causes the motor to overheat.

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2. Working environment: The working environment of the motor will also be affected. Dust and grease on the motor are common impurities. If there is a problem with the connection between the motor and the wire, the motor will heat up.
3. Reduced flow rate: If you find that the flow rate of the pump has decreased, you need to be careful, because the permanent magnet water pump motor is not completed, the flow rate decreases, and the temperature of the motor will rise slowly.
4. Motor connection: Three-phase motors have wiring methods. If the wiring does not meet the working conditions, it will cause excessive load on the motor, and even burn the motor, so pay attention to the wiring method of the three-phase motor.
5. Unstable voltage: Unstable voltage is a very normal phenomenon. If the three-phase voltages are different, it is likely to cause the winding to burn out. Therefore, the water pump motor manufacturer must ensure the stability of the voltage when manufacturing.
6. The bearing is stuck: If the bearing is stuck, the load on the motor will increase, so the bearing must be replaced immediately.